A London branding shoot with Urban Cordial


I had such a fun couple of hours with Natasha and Fliss from Urban Cordial this spring. We got creative with their delicious cordials made from surplus British fruit - the slightly wonky looking but perfectly tasty stuff that gets rejected by most supermarkets. I had the pleasure of tasting quite a few of them, and they are absolutely delicious, not too sweet but lovely and fruity, perfect for summer - you can make cocktails with them too.

Natasha is the founder and Managing Director of Urban Cordial, and wanted to get some fresh imagery showcasing her and her colleague, and products in a natural urban setting. We were looking for something organic, slightly unpolished London looking, with dark rich colours to show off the vibrancy of their beautiful bottles - each flavour has a unique label designed by a different artist. Have a peek…

Diana Vollmerhausen